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Power and fascia smove


In this course you will go with a variety of exercises times up to "your limits", and in between is with some other exercises also made sure that your "fascia" have time to dissolve.

Health and Weight Plan

health and weight plan

The smoveyHEALTH & WEIGHT plan is a holistic 33-day program. It can help you reach your desired figure and keep it in the long term.



Choreo Smovey is the perfect mix of Smovey training and dance.

Easy dance choreographies which are implemented with fun for everyone.



SmoveyWALK is perfect for everyone who loves to train in the great outdoors. While targeted muscle exercises with the Smoveys, we walk well and so train our fitness.

Back and pelvic floor training


A healthy back and pelvic floor serve as a center of power for our bodies. With Smovey specific exercises we strengthen exactly these muscles.